Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pudding Foot Video Sample Clip and Updates 1/13/15

"Foot Sucking Ape" Sample Clip

Starring Goddess Cheyenne Jewel and Slave Quida.  (WARNING; this clip includes extreme Black racial humiliation, with racial slurs, for those into race play fetish.  If you are offended by such content, do not continue).  It’s Quida’s dinnertime and Goddess Cheyenne Jewel is gracious enough to serve Quida chocolate pudding pie to eat.  And because Quida has been such a very good, well-behaved slave; Goddess Cheyenne is nice enough to feed the pudding pie to Quida with her beautiful superior White feet.  Quida sucks the pie off of Goddess Cheyenne’s feet like a good slave, while making a mess of her face.  Goddess Cheyenne racially humiliates and ridicules Quida while she licks the delicious pie off of her feet, by calling Quida a dumb Nigg3r, and referring to her as her hungry pet monkey, as well as many other demeaning names.  Quida is made to look like a complete fool in this video as usual.  As a special bonus you will see a never before behind the scenes look at Quida complaining about having to suck pudding off of a White girls feet at the end of the video. 

CLIP INCLUDES: Black Racial Humiliation, Lesbian Domination, Foot Worship, Foot Feeding, and Racial Slurs. 

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Hi Guys, 

Nikki Ford Update

Well it things didn't work out for doing a video with adult model Nikki Ford.  It turns out that she was not willing to play a submissive in race play videos after all.  So I had to scratch her off the list for now.  Someone told her that I had pictures of her up on my blog, and she emailed me asking me to take them down, so I did.  FYI, I did tell her that I was going to put her pictures on my website to try and get her custom gigs, but I guess I left out the part about my blog being about Black racial humiliation; my bad!  I assumed that she was down for racial humiliation because I found a video of her online sucking a group of White guys dicks with them all taking turns spooging all over her face.  And I think some of the guys were even wearing rebel flag attire, so I assumed she was open to doing race play videos.  I thought that video was a race play video!  I guess I was wrong.      

She is a pretty Black girl; so maybe I will try to get her to do a video for me in the future in a dominant role, maybe, racially humiliating a White girl.  Honestly, she is hot enough to pull it off.  Also, I am curious how a video like that would sell.  Some people leave me comments saying that they would like to see a Black girl dominating a White girl.  

Ophelia Update

In an earlier blog post, I mentioned that I was offering to do custom videos starring Ophelia and Quida.  I had a custom order all ready to go, and I was trying to maximize the shoot by booking some other customs for the same day with the two ladies.  I think I scared Ophelia away because the custom customer had a pretty detailed script for Ophelia to perform.  I think she lost her patience with all of the details involved and started looking for a way out.  I say this because she just started picking arguments with me for no reason, and making unreasonable demands on me, and being irrational.  Then a couple of days before the shoot she told me that she had a yeast infection and wouldn't be able to do the shoot for about three weeks.  When I told the custom client this, he told me he was willing to wait for Ophelia's yeast infection to go away because he was a big fan of hers, and really wanted her to do the video for him.  I expressed my concerns to him about her erratic behavior and how I felt that she was unreliable, and that she was using the yeast infection as an excuse to get out of the shoot.  I felt this way because she immediately started suggesting other girls to use for the shoot as she was telling me about her yeast infection.

After I told Ophelia that the customer was willing to wait for her, she told me that her manager found out about the shoot and advised her not to do any race play movies anymore; yeah right!!!  This girl has done about a million race play videos in the past already, whats one more.  She also asked me to take her pictures off of my blog, even though I cleared that with her when she first answered my ad for an adult actresses.  I told her that I was going to put her pictures up to drum up more business.  To be fair, some of the pictures I put up of her are pictures that I found online, and she wanted me to take them down because they were the property of that photographer, and I didn't have permission to use them.  But she wanted all her pictures taken down; so I took them down.  I was really bummed out about not being able to make that video, because she appeared to have a lot of experience with race play videos from working with "Nigger Race Play Humiliation's" clip store.  So unfortunately, the fans will have to watch her perform her weak POV clips for them, instead of getting down and dirty like we do at "Pudding Foot Video".

I wound up getting Goddess Sweetbottom another opportunity to come in and pinch hit for Ophelia for the custom clip.  She was hell to work with, but when the shoot was all said and done, and a ton of editing, I think I made a pretty good custom video for the client.  At least he said he was happy with it.  The name of the custom video we did was titled "Ms. Stocking Stuffer".  It is a custom lesbian race play clip with emphasis on pantyhose, because the custom client had a huge pantyhose fetish.  That video is edited and ready to go, but I will not be releasing it until probably a few months from now, because I have other stuff I would like to release first.  If you can't wait to see it, drop me an email and I will sell it to you early through electronic download. 

Introducing Mistress Anggie

There is a light at the end of the tunnel; I have met a new Mistress named Mistress Anggie who is down to do custom videos for me.  I have seen some of her work, and she amazing.  She blew my socks off.  She is a very good role player, and has a mouth piece on her.  She can talk shit with the best of them; and she is hella sexy too!  She is ready to make all of your custom video dreams come true.  Get ready to see a lot of her in the future, she might just very well be my new flag ship girl.  She seems to be really down for your boy; and we have been spending a lot of time on the phone, so we are getting close.


Email us your idea and we will let you know if we can do it for you.  If we are able to do the video for you, we will give you a quote for the cost of the video.  If you agree to the amount, we will send you an electronic invoice; once the invoice is paid, we will begin producing your custom clip.  The finished clip will be delivered though electronic download via email, or if you wish, we can mail you a DVD to play on your DVD player.  Most custom clip orders take about three weeks to shoot, edit and deliver.   
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Honky Home-Wrecker 3 Sample Clip, and My Ultimate Race Play Fantasy

Honky Home-Wrecker 3; Sample Clip

Honky Home-Wrecker 3; Description

Starring Goddess Cheyenne Jewel and Slave Quida.  (WARNING:  This clip includes extreme racial humiliation with racial slurs for people into race play fetish.  If you are offended by such content, do not continue).  Slave Quida is once again unlucky in love.  Another White girl has stolen her husband again.  Quida comes home to find that her husband has moved another White girl into her home (Goddess Cheyenne Jewel).  Cheyenne cruelly explains to Quida that she is her husband Tyrone’s new snow bunny, and that Quida has to pack her shit and get out.  Quida pleads with Cheyenne to stay because she is pregnant with Tyrone’s baby and has nowhere else to go.  Cheyenne reluctantly agrees to let Quida stay as long as she agrees to be her bitch, and do whatever she says.  Cheyenne racially humiliates Quida for being an inferior ugly Black girl, that can’t keep her Black man because they prefer pretty White girls.  Cheyenne humiliates Quida further by telling her how White women are superior to Black girls, and making Quida shower her sweet fat White ass with kisses, all while racially degrading Quida for looking like a monkey.  Cheyenne then makes Quida lay on the floor so she can dominate Quida further by sitting on her face.  Cheyenne cruelly smothers Quida while she sits on her face with both forward and then reverse face sitting.  While sitting on Quida’s face, Cheyenne tells Quida about all the chores that she is expected to do as her new slave.  

CLIP INCLUDES: Black Racial Humiliation, Ass Worship, Ass Kissing, Forward Face Sitting, Reverse Face Sitting, Man Stealing Fantasy, Slave Training, and Racial Slurs.

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My Ultimate Race Play Fantasy

Today I would like to give you my version of the ultimate Black racial humiliation video.  I hope that one day I will have the ability and the resources to make it come true.  It is something that I have fantasized about since I was a little kid.  I would love to make a racial humiliation video with the theme being from the old west when slavery still existed.  I think I came up with the idea when I was a little kid.  I used to watch a show called “Little House on the Prairie”.  It was a show based in a little town called Walnut Grove in the old west.  It starred Michael Landon, who played a farmer, and the father of three little White girls.  It was the oldest daughter Mary, followed by the middle daughter Laura, and the youngest daughter Carey.  Carey was just a little toddler, so not being a pedophile; I didn’t think much of her.  But her two older sisters Laura and Mary, they were hot.  They were about the same age as me when the show was popular and I was watching it, so I had a right to lust after them.  Laura was the hottest one out of the two.  She had beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes, and the face of an angel.  Plus she was thick, she looked like she had a nice curvy country girl figure under the long dresses she would always wear, but every now and then her calves would show, and I could tell she had some big sexy legs under that skirt.  Her sister Laura was pretty too.  She had brown hair, brown eyes and freckles; plus she was a tomboy.  I have always had a thing for tomboys, even to this day.  I used to like fantasizing about a sexy tomboy girl wrestling me down and sitting on my face.  In fact, that is why almost all my videos have dominant women sitting on people’s faces.  That is a huge turn on for me. 

I almost forgot to mention there was another White girl on the show named Nelly Olson too.  She played a snobby rich girl, and both her and her mother were major bitches on the show, with hearts of ice.  I didn’t find them quite as attractive as Mary and Laura, but their mean and sadistic ways turned me on.  They would have made fantastic dominatrixs’.  Oh, I almost forgot last, but certainly not least was Laura, and Mary’s mother Katherine Ingles.  She was smoking hot too. 

Anyway, this show had all these fine ass old west White country girls on it, and I loved to fantasize about them all the time.  I used to fantasize about them each owning their own Nigger slave girls, that they all treated no better than livestock.  I used to imagine the White girls treating their Nigger slave girls like horses, and riding them wherever they wanted to go on old country dirt roads.  They would be sitting their fat sexy White asses on their Nigger’s shoulders while the Black girls would struggle to carry them in the heat of a sunny day.  I would picture the White girls riding them while they struggled without a care in the world, because they thought of them as animals to be used to serve their owners.  I would imagine the White women going on long rides while exchanging pleasantries to each other while their Niggers suffered from the burden of carrying their beautiful White masters.  It would also turn me on to think that the White women would talk freely about how inferior and stupid Niggers were, and that they were lucky to be owned and taken care of like any other dumb farm animal.  I would also imagine that they would talk openly about how they trained their Niggers and how they disciplined them when they needed it, all while their obedient Niggers would listened as they struggled to carry their White masters, knowing that they would be severely whipped and punished if they even thought about challenging their White Mistresses complete ownership of their minds, bodies, and souls.  I also pictured the Nigger women doing backbreaking work in the hot ass sun, while their White Mistresses would sit in the shade drinking their ice cold tea, and enjoying their pampered lifestyle, and making dumb Nigger jokes.  The Nigger women would have to be at their White mistresses beck and call, and wait on their White mistresses’ hand and foot.  And when the White mistresses got a little horny, they would summon one of their Nigger girls to come into the house and service them by eating their juicy White pussies to orgasm.  I pictured the White women sneaking around while their husbands were off somewhere hunting or something and secretly shoving their hair sweaty White pussies in their Nigger girls faces, and making their Nigger girls lay on the floor and sit on their faces and violently fucking their slaves faces to orgasm.  And of course the White Mistresses would have extreme orgasms after years of carefully training their Nigger girls on exactly how they like their pussies eaten, and giving them plenty of practice.

One of these days I hope I will have the resources to make this fantasy come to reality.  All I need is about three sexy White girls and two or three Black girls open to race play.  And find a secluded farm somewhere in the country to rent for a day or two.  This video would be epic in my opinion.  This is my ultimate racial humiliation fantasy that I hop to make come true one day. 

Danny Sisko
Pudding Foot Video

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pudding Foot Video; Behind the Scenes, August 17, 2014

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"Stomped Coon" Update

Goddess Cheyenne Jewel in "Stomped Coon"

My latest video “Stomped Coon” is selling very well.  Thank you to all of you who have ordered it.  I will be putting out the third part of that 3 part release next week most likely; then I will start releasing the other two videos I did with Goddess Cheyenne Jewel and Quida.  Yes, that’s right, I have two additional new videos starring Goddess Cheyenne Jewel and Quida to edit and release.  And each one is just as hot as the previous two I have already released.  If you have not seen Goddess Cheyenne Jewel in action, you have not seen a properly done racial humiliation video.  I am serious when I tell you that, Goddess Cheyenne Jewel is probably the best racial humiliation Femdom that I have ever seen.  I would have to say that close seconds would be Mistress Francheska from my video “Nigger 911” and Goddess Mikki from my video “Asian Monkeysitter”.  Those two Femdoms are fantastic in their own right, but as far as I am concerned, Goddess Cheyenne Jewel reigns supreme.

New Femdom Goddess Candy Sweetbottom

After I finish releasing all of Cheyenne Jewel’s clips, I am going to start releasing two new videos with one of my newest Femdoms, Goddess Candy Sweetbottom.  Honestly, she is a horrible actress, but she is smoking hot, and sexy!!!  I hired her for her looks, hoping that she could act, but unfortunately, I found out that she couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag.  And she doesn’t have a sadistic bone in her body.  It was very difficult to get her to racially humiliate Quida and be mean to her.  She was more concerned with Quida’s feelings, than giving me, the guy that was paying her what I wanted.  I was ready to pull my hair out by the end of the shoot.  She was extremely A.D.D. and could not follow directions to save her life.  After much grief, I was able to salvage a pretty decent video.  I had high hopes for the shoot; if she only had the ability to listen and follow directions, the clip could have been a masterpiece.  The funny part is that in real life, she is a demanding, self centered, gold digging, cold hearted bitch, but I was unable to capture that on film.  All she had to do was be herself, and the video would have been a home run, but she turned into someone else on camera, and was being extremely robotic and fake; there were a few moments when her true nature came out, but very few. 

Goddess Candy Sweetbottom

The reason I hired her was because she needed the money, and I found her to be an extremely sexy woman, and she carried herself like a complete valley girl, which I thought would make the contrast between Quida and her hotter.  Plus she was a MILF; much older than Quida which I also found erotic and kinky.  Goddess Candy Sweetbottom is actually older than Quida’s real mom.  I must admit that sealed the deal for me; the thought of Quida eating the pussy of a White woman older than her own mother was hot!!!  I must admit that I am a complete pervert, but leading up to the video I would wonder what Quida’s mom would think if she knew a White woman older than her was face fucking her daughter while sitting on her face. 

Goddess Candy Sweetbottom

Like a complete, dumbass, after seeing Candy’s horrible acting ability, I hired her again to do another video.  She assured me that she would do a better job on the next shoot, after I explained to her everything that she did wrong, which was a long list, believe me.  She promised me that she would follow my directions, and be more sadistic and mean to Quida for the next shoot.  The second shoot was basically more of the same bullshit.  As far as Candy’s performance, she was about a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10 for the first shoot.  On the second shoot, I would rate her about a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. 

Goddess Candy Sweetbottom

Don’t get me wrong, both videos turned out better than 90% of the race play stuff being produced by other companies out there, but based on my standards, it did not live up to my expectations.  I swore I would never do another video with her again, I don’t care how fucking beautiful she is.  Rest assured that you will still bust a fat nut off both of her videos, but you will see that the video could have been so much better, if the girl could maintain her focus long enough to listen to my directions.  I really think she has some serious problems with maintaining her focus.  To be fair, Goddess Candy Sweetbottom was a complete amateur with no prior experience; that was the main reason I gave her a second opportunity to redeem herself.  It just wasn’t in her to be a total bitch, at least on camera that is.  I gave her the stage name Candy Sweetbottom because she has an amazingly sweet ass.  That name totally fits.  LOL!

Princess Daisy Pre-Order

As great as Cheyenne Jewel is, nobody has a body like Princess Daisy.  I really want to do another video with her, because she is fantastic at racial humiliation too.  And she has a gorgeous fat ass that was made for face sitting.  Unfortunately, she is as expensive as she is beautiful.  I want to do another video with her racially humiliating Quida with face sitting, trampling, foot worship, and of course pussy eating like she did in their video “Obsessed Coon”.

Princess Daisy in "Obsessed Coon"

I would like to make another “Slut Bride Domination” video starring Princess Daisy and Quida.  I would call it “Slut Bride Domination 3”.  The plot would be that it's Quida’s wedding day, with her being all dressed up in a full on white wedding dress; and Princess Daisy would play her White slave master and would racially humiliate and dominate Quida by making her do humiliating chores on her wedding day before giving Quida permission to leave to attend her own wedding.  Princess Daisy would turn Quida’s most special day into another ordinary Nigger slave day of face sitting, trampling, foot worship and of course eating Princess Daisy’s pussy; just hours before Quida says “I do” and kisses her Nigger groom with Princess Daisy’s sweet White pussy juice still on her breath.  Of course, all this will happen while Quida is wearing her expensive wedding dress.  Below are some pictures from "Slut Bride Domination 2".    

Mistress Francheska in "Slut Bride Domination II"

If you are a fan of Princess Daisy and would like to see this video come to reality, I ask that you pre-order it for $50.  Your pre-order will go towards funding the cost of hiring Princess Daisy and Quida to do the video.  It will cost $800 to hire Princess Daisy and $400 to hire Quida to do this video; with a grand total of $1,200.  That means I need 24 people to pre-order the video for $50 to make this video happen.  In return for your pre-order, you will get the full version of the video at no additional cost, plus if you have something you would like incorporated into the video within reason, I will do my best to use it in the video.  Plus, as a bonus, the largest contributor will receive Princess Daisy's worn panties from the actual video in appreciation of your pre-order.  In the event of a tie, we will hold a raffle for the panties.  Trust me, this video will be epic and HOT beyond belief.  You can take that to the bank and cash it.  If you are interested in helping me to make this video a reality just email me at puddingfoot@yahoo.com for more information. 


Danny Sisko

Pudding Foot Video  

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